Couffo, a district in the West-African country of Benin

.Hidden behind the walls of the many voodoo convents in Couffo, thousands of children lead an anonymous existence in extremely primitive conditions. Separated from their parents, family and school for years, their lives are completely dominated by the God that is venerated in the convent. They fill their days praying, singing, dancing and learning the voodoo language.

For these children the 12 October 2015 marked the beginning of a reversal. On that day the religious and secular  leaders of Couffo agreed to restrict the stay of children in the voodoo convents to a maximum of three months.

The architect of this special project is children’s lawyer Gilbert Djofin. Thanks to him more than a thousand children, about six hundred girls and four hundred boys, were able to leave the convents in the past year. Most of these children now live with their parents and attend school.