The apprentices use scraps of material to make various products which are for sale in the Afrikamuseum,Tropenmuseum, Museum Bolkenkunde en Wereldmuseum. With the proceeds the local foundation buys sewing machines for apprentices who have obtained their certificate, so they can start their own workshop.

This support is a supplement to the financial means of the local foundation. Their own income consists of the sale of clothes and donations from private persons.

Because of our intervention, the sewing workshop has been able to give about thirty pupils a package to start their own business each year.


During our visit to the workshop in 2017 the idea was born to create a line of production for the European market. This has included:

  • Opening of a separate bank account exclusively for this project, so the money of selling the products will be only used for buying sewing machines
  • Keeping accounts
  • Keeping a pupils’ administration

Apart from this, we are investigating various other alternatives. Such as implementing a savings system so pupils can hire sewing machines.