Although the orphanage is officially recognized by the Benin government, it receives no financial support.  Ends are met partly with the help of Gilbert’s salary which he receives for his work as a lawyer ( €300 per month) and from occasional gifts by the community. However, this is not sufficient and there are always debts to e.g. school and market women.

In order to help relieve the burden of the orphanage, we would like to contribute to the monthly expenses of food, school fees and medical costs. That is why the foundation recruits friends wishing to support a child for € 5,00 per month.




Apart from direct financial support we also wish to bring about sustainable changes.


In January 2017, thanks to private donations of friends in the Netherlands we were able to carry out structural improvements in the orphanage:


  • buying lamps that run on solar energy. Before it was dark after seven o’clock p.m. because there was no money for paraffin or batteries.
  • Repair of gutters and acquisition of water tanks to catch water in the monsoon period and so also have sufficient water for the vegetable garden.
  • Laying-out a garden to grow vegetables for private use and possible sale. Also the garden provides the opportunity for the children to experience agriculture.

                                january 2017                                                                                                                                               april 2017